Some crazy weather and an update on my Dad

Hello All
It’s been a crazy few weeks of weather. The last post I made we had -35 degrees then a few days ago it was in the low 50s with most of the snow melting then this morning more snow which caused many accidents on the interstate causing it to be closed down and re-routed through the rural route in our town. Of course today was the day my Dad was released from the hospital to go to a skilled nursing facility for his rehabilitation for a few weeks. He is doing very well so he shouldn’t have to be away from home for very long. All this is good because he is missing his little doggies and they are missing him too. My Sister and I along with a friend of his are going over to feed and sit with them which has allowed us to do some surprise house work for him. I hope you are all well and getting some crafty goodness for yourselves. I have photographed my planner and have even made a couple hand drawing doodles while at the hospital waiting room. I will have to snap a few pics of them to share. I got a watercolor paint set for Christmas and want to give it a try soon. I did however get to try out my colored pencil coloring which I’m pretty happy with a bit of craftiness for me. 🙂 ok I need to get onto other things so I’ll sign off for now and talk with you all later.

Love and hugs,

2 thoughts on “Some crazy weather and an update on my Dad

  1. I’m so glad to hear that your Dad is doing well. You girls are awesome. When your Dad finally gets to come home he will be pleasantly surprised to walk into a clean home. Then he will be calling you to find out where you put “that” because he can’t find “that” 😀

    Stay warm. Looking forward to seeing your creativity spurts.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. That is wonderful news about your dad Shelly and glad to hear you are all coping with looking after his dogs and cleaning his home for him! Lucky dad 🙂
    That weather doesn’t sound good, hope you stay safe when having to go out in that.
    Great news on continuing with your crafting.
    Love Lynn xx

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