A sunny Monday

Hello Friends !!
We are having a very sunny day today first one in awhile. We are enjoying the warm rays through out the house with all the curtains pulled back. Now this does highlight the dust which is on my to do list but I’m not in a hurry to get to it so I will blog first. I am waiting on the dryer repair man to arrive and replace the circuit board on the dryer which has konked out. I am behind on the laundry as you all can imagine with five kids here we have mounds of the stuff 🙂 Jordan and Melissa got the pipes fixed yesterday so the small ones will go home tonight so I may get s bit of free time this evening. The weatherman is forecasting another round of snow to begin tomorrow night through Wednesday morning with snowfalls of 5-8 inches Honestly I can’t remember a winter like this one. On Saturday we had a lot of rain so the yard was flooded and frozen yesterday. As I think of all the weather you’ve mentioned Lynn I just can’t imagine what those people must be going through makes me feel grateful that all we’re getting is the snow.
I am sorry for not responding to the comments on earlier posts just been busy with the house full of kids who have had more than enough time with each other so I’ve had to be creative to quell the unrest in the house. My Dad came home on Friday and is doing very well and enjoying being home with his furry babies as are they. So things have been a bit hectic but all in all good. I am very pleased that Melissa asked me for her wedding rings back I’d been holding on to them and she said if Jordan wants me to have them I will get them from you so that makes me happy for them and the kids. On Saturday I had Zachary along with the rest of the kids so we all had an enjoyable visit and I will have to post some pictures to share how big he is getting. Much to celebrate in my corner of the world wide web. The repair man is here so I must go. Take care friends.
Love and hugs to you all,


5 thoughts on “A sunny Monday

  1. From the forecasts….this is just the lull before the storm :/ Enjoy your sunny days for now because they are going to be left behind shortly.

    Didn’t you guys just get that washer and dryer set….about two years ago?! What a bummer the dryer has conked out :/ I’m glad to hear that Jordan and Melissa’s pipes are fixed and they can be back in their home. And you got to snuggle with your new grand baby, Zachary. Bonus to the crazy trauma of your life. And I’m glad our Dad has been returned home. He and his doggies are probably more glad than I am 😉

    Good to hear from you again. Stay warm and dry.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Sorry about the delay in responding things have been in warp speed around here 🙂 Yes the dryer is only 2 years old Thankfully the extended warranty covered parts and labor and it is as good as new. Kids are finally back in school this week even with the sub zero weather which is supposed to end this week. My Dad is coming along great !!
      Love ya

  2. The storms forecast for your neck of the woods also hit us with a tremendous thump! 92mph winds, extremely high tides and torrential rain to add yet more misery to those suffering flooding with more to come this weekend. This has been going on since the beginning of December and we have all had enough!!
    Great news that your dad is home with his fur babies and hope he continues to improve. Good news too that Jordan and Melissa have fixed the pipes and that the children will be able to go home with them and even better news that Melissa wants the wedding rings back.
    Hope that soon spring arrives and gives you some respite and perhaps more time to craft or at least do what you want to do 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

    • Sorry for the delay in responding Things are running in warp speed around here 🙂 I watched a video on the weather going on over there and it is way CRAZY !! Can’t imagine how frightening it is to go through something like that. we had some strong winds with one of the fronts moving through and it was shaking our little home on wheels and the winds were only around 70 mph. the videos they showed were just heart wrenching on the news over there. I am with you we are sick and tired of this winter weather and are looking forward to some warmer weather which will hopefully get here soon 🙂 Thanks for popping by.

      Love ya

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