Some of what I’ve been crafting

Hi there Friends !!
I have a few more things to share today. There are a couple photos of the meal and menu planner I am using. Along with a few of the doodles I’ve been doing when I get the time. I have been inspired by the frugal crafter Lindsay to try my hand at some artsy things like water color painting. I ran across some supplies I’d long forgotten about while getting my area whipped back into shape. I am embarrassed to say it but I finally got my craft closet from the big mess last summer. It really didn’t take that long but the thought of the jumbled mess set me running the other way when I thought about tackling that was til yesterday when I resolved myself to just go and do it !! With the help of my small guy Levi we set to work and finished it up today. Now there are still some things that need to be put into away like the kids artwork and a large amount of papers that are my Dads where I pay his bills ect. Brian also has his ebay stuff in there. We have to be intentional about our storage solutions. 🙂 I have included a look at my desk area before it was cleaned up and I plan on getting a tour of my space up soon. There is a shot of my book bag which I have filled with some artsy things ready so I can take it with me on long rides or if I know Brian is heading to the antique mall. I included a photo of Levi taking a picture of me (on his tablet) taking a picture of him he thought it was so funny lol 🙂 The mess of ice cream buckets in the living room floor are Levi’s building blocks. He had made a tall tower that fell over and he was so upset that he just kicked the rest down in frustration. He said now that is just a mess of fire wood. I snuck a quick shot of PJ she usually moves when I get the camera and this one is pretty good.  I think that about covers this post it is almost time for the other kids to get home from school. We have Church tonight and I need to get dinner finished early so we can make it on time. I hope you are all doing well and having better weather. We had another sunny day although it was below zero this morning it has made it to 28 degrees What a heat wave!! Take care friends I will chat with you later.

Love and hugs,


6 thoughts on “Some of what I’ve been crafting

  1. First things first. That Levi is ADORABLE! The two of you taking a photo of each other, that is priceless.

    Your “Doodles” are beautiful. I’m so glad you are doing this. You do have a talent in drawing. Your faces are really great. I also really like your nature Doodles.

    Girlfriend, I think you might have one or two stamp sets 😀 Your crafting space is so organized now. I bet you feel more free to be creative now that you have that spot tackled. I know it sure helped my creativity to not be faced with chaos and clutter. YOU GO GIRL!

    Fantastic post today. I love seeing your creativity and how you have made your Menu Planner work for you along with the other things you are doing to maintain your Mojo.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you Leslie for the kind words about my doodles 🙂 And yes Levi is quite a cute little guy but maybe I’m a bit biased. 🙂 As for the stamps Yeah there are a few in there lol. Brian was giving me a hard time about the corner and craft closet in jest. I told him in my defense I have had some of this stuff since 1995 when the stamping bug bit me so it’s been 19 years in the making. He says do you think you’ll use up your stickers in your lifetime ?? I say I’d give it a good try. lol. Gotta love that man of mine. Long live the clean craft corner !!

      Love ya

  2. I, too, love visiting the Frugal Crafter – a very knowledgeable lady. Love your craft space, all those stamps and ink pads!!! I see you still have a huge button collection too 😀
    Fabulous photos of Levi and his doings in your home with all those things strewn across the carpet – I know that feeling well! Love your doodlings especially the bird of paradise flower! It is great to see you being able to craft again Shelly, keep up the good work 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • I agree Lynn the frugal crafter has so much crafting knowledge and such a peppy attitude I laugh so hard sometimes at her follies. I need to make myself use those buttons I usually rummage through them and think how much I love them and put them away to hoard. I have such a terrible problem there lol. Mr Levi usually has a wake of destruction following him so I always know where he is just follow the trail 🙂 I am so excited you knew what the flower was!! that means I was successful. Brian gave me a bit of a hard time about my supplies but I’ve been stamping for a really long while and was able to add to my goods when I was a demonstrator so I basically just did it to buy myself crafty goodies. A win-win situation for me 🙂 Hope you are well and getting a bit of better weather in your neck of the woods.

      Love ya

      • Sounds like a great idea !! In my cleaning binge I found several picture frames and some more buttons I am such a hoarder. Hope you are feeling better with your cough and broken rib. Also got to look at your beautiful house and it is Amazing !!!!

        Love and hugs

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