Phew … Now back to regular programming :)

Hello Friends !!
Phew have we been busy around here. Jasmine has had several ear infections and we finally had our appointment with the ear specialist and he said her ears look good today so no tubes which is what we thought he was going to tell us so than it a great blessing. We have had our spring break from school and were sick the whole time!! We had ear infections ( Jasmine and Sierra ) Pink eye ( Sierra and Ariel ) Strep throat (Ariel ) Will, Brian, Melissa, Jordan and Levi had a yucky respiratory infection of which Melissa was close to pneumonia. As for me I had a bout of the migraines a couple of days but have been spared the rest. We have gone most of the winter without any winter illness’ so I guess we had to get it sometime. Heather found out she is pregnant again I think she will be due sometime in January and we are continuing to fight with the school over the bullying Will has there. 2 weeks ago he was in a fight in which front teeth were knocked loose we had to have one extracted because it was broken in two areas one below the gum line and one up into the bone he has to get an implant and they are hoping the other one will tighten back up so he can keep that one. This kid has harassed him since last year and at the beginning of this year we had Will to change buses to be away from him. We have found out that the school even changed this boys classes earlier this year to keep him away from Will and he continues to harass Will and has a group of other boys to harass him as well. We have told the school this is not going to be acceptable any more and we will not accept anymore excuses. We have had a special meeting at school and they say there is going to be more safeguards put into place but we will believe it when we see it, So we have a dental appointment next Wednesday to get Will assessed on the best way to get it all taken care of. Oh yes I was called in for jury duty this week and am so happy I didn’t get picked so I do not have worry about being called again for 2 years. I was very freaked out because they said we were a special group called for a very high-profile case and I immediately thought the worst thing… a murder trial and I was right. I had many sleepless nights worrying about it and am so grateful that I didn’t get picked because that would be a hard thing to have to hear the details of and stuff I know I would not want to see. so that has been what I have been up to around here. I did get to finally clear out a block of time last night and play in my corner after the kids were all sleeping and had a go at my first altered canvas and am very pleased with the results all I have to do now is find a place to hang it in my crowded corner 🙂 I hope you are all well and enjoying spring I think it has finally arrived here Woo Hoo Us. I hope to get things back on track around here and stuff put in its proper space because we had to move stuff out of our room to replace the shower stall in or bathroom That was a crazy fiasco too since mobile home plumbing stuff is not like normal house stuff so many trips all over to get what we needed and Brian is no handy man and he has limited tools so it took us about a week to get most of it done we still have some cosmetic stuff to finish but the shower is working and that is good !!! School will be out on June 3rd so summer is racing up quickly on us so I had better get my rump in gear. Ok so enough blubbering on and on I have enjoyed the blog posts and/or you tube videos from You Leslie, Lynn and Maureen. Talk with you later.

Love and Hugs,

2 thoughts on “Phew … Now back to regular programming :)

  1. Mercy! You have had a few rounds with crazy! Schools! Harumph! I’m so glad I don’t have children of school age. I’m getting so fed up with our stupid society of lunk heads. Sorry Shelly, but I’m beginning to wonder if people now days have sh*t for brains. Instead of protecting that bully and his family steps need to be taken to get that boy and his friends and their families ousted. At the very least make that bully and his family pay for Will’s dental work.

    At least you have had some time to be creative. Don’t know how with all the illness and this worrisome weather. Congratulations (I hope) for Heather.

    Seems that Brian is quite adept at being a handyman with limited tools. Getting your shower back to good working order without proper tools is no small feat. Tell him I’m really proud of him.

    Hope things get better for you guys. School will be out soon so that will be a bit of a break for everyone….except for you. Are you going to post some pictures of your canvas creation? I hope you will. I’d love to see what you have done.

    Love you my friend – Leslie

    • Sorry for the long delay in replying. We have been fighting the school and had the head of special education in our county sit in on a meeting and she has set some things in motion with Will’s education plan. He is supposed to have co- taught classes but that has not happened How does a person hired to be in this slot not be there the whole year and they and the school not know this?? Any way the lady Barb who is helping us has stirred the pot and we have another meeting Friday to get things right. Finally with 4 weeks left of school !!!!…… curse words inserted here….. sigh… We are going to look into what can be done as far as the other kid is concerned but had a huge blessing from a fellow church member who has generously paid in full a dentist to take care of Will’s entire tooth procedure makes me weepy with gratitude for the whole thing.The news with Heather is good, her situation has not changed any but a new baby is a happy bit of news. The shower is fantastic!! We have finally able to get the roof repaired from the storm damage in November this past Friday and Brian has the siding and skirting pieces to finish the rest of the work up since the weather has been nice. Brian has been a hard working man 🙂 I have my pictures ready to post so that will be my next project. I need to comment on Lynn’s creations She has been busy with her song lyric challenges. phew….. Okay so I’m gonna get my rump in gear and post to my blog.

      Love ya bunches

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