My mixed media canvas Graphic 45’s Couture collection

_203 Ok Friends I am going to try this a different way to see if it posts. Here is my first ever mixed media canvas using graphic 45’s Couture collection. This is a very beautiful collection and I love it. I really didn’t have this in mind when I started the canvas I just picked some colors of paint that I liked and had at it. I then stamped some script. I used my drywall shackling with a stencil to add texture. I tore some scraps of paper and glued them down randomly with mod podge. I then added my tiles of images I cut out and glued them down . I added a strip of lace ribbon and glued a Coco Chanel saying strip and a row of bling. I used some red spray on some rosettes to match the red in the tiles and put 2 rhinestone flourishes to the roses to look like leaves. On one tile I added a row of black bling. I used some rub and buff on some of the stenciled leaves.Then mod podged over the whole thing I think this can be very addictive I could use all my hoarded paper that I can’t seem to part with them I may run out of wall space in my crafty corner….wait a minute I already have…. I guess I can stock up on wall art for my future craft room 🙂 Let me know what you think and if you haven’t thought of giving this a try, please consider it. Creating this was very rewarding.








Love and hugs,




4 thoughts on “My mixed media canvas Graphic 45’s Couture collection

  1. I was looking forward to seeing your work of art but sadly the link isn’t working for me 😦 So glad that you have been able to get creating again and nice to see you blogging again. Sorry not to leave a comment on your last post but my internet connection was being a pain plus have been busy crafting to sell a few items – time seems to keep running out too quickly though 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn
      I got it working. Hope you internet gets all sorted out quickly. I have really liked all your lyric atc’s I can so relate to the way time seems to just zip by. It seems like I just wake up then it’s bedtime. Things have been crazy with all the kids being sick I think we are making up for not being sick this winter. Give this post another look and let me know if it’s working.
      Take care

      Hugs to you

      • Shelly I can see them now!!! This looks great and just love that rose. A truly beautiful canvas that you must find wall space for 🙂
        Hugs to you

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I love what you have done with the Graphic 45 papers. Your bright red roses pop out of the blue so very well. I’m so glad that you got the photo part fixed so I could see and appreciate your work. Your rhinestone flourish bits are a very sweet touch to this beautiful piece. Great job, Shelly!

    Love you – Leslie

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