Oh heck what a day !!

Hi friends,
Its been a busy day around here. WE had a lot of wind and rain last night so it made for a restless night. Sleeping next to a rattling window is a bit of a problem then there is the skylight over the garden tub which I though was so cool and romantic 19 years ago when first moved in but it and the 2 exhaust fans sure make sleeping rough when its super windy. Another major event for us today Ariel got her nose broken at school in P.E. playing kickball. School called we picked her up then to the Doctor who sent us over for x-rays. Got the call at lunch time She definitely has a deviated septum so we see the ear nose throat specialist Monday morning He is the same doctor who took care of Jeremes broken nose in 1998 so we know he is a good doctor. Seems never to be dull around here I think what ever will I do when my house empty of smallish people?? Hopefully hide out I my super-duper fabulous craft room 🙂 Well a girl can always dream can’t she lol. I am going to be working on a Mother’s Day tribute for my Mom to set with her urn at my Dads. Levi made a card for Melissa since Sierra made something at school. I am hoping to get this project posted also since I can see the photos in my last post finally. I wish each Mother and Mother to be and very Blessed Mother’s Day I know I’m early but I wanted to make sure that I did.

Much love and many hugs,


2 thoughts on “Oh heck what a day !!

  1. Oh no poor Ariel 😦 Ooooh I bet that is painful too, hope the pain soon goes, poor girl. You don’t expect girls to end up with broken noses.
    I think you have sent the noisy blustering wind over to us! I was helping our daughter out today on her craft stall – there was a very large craft event being held under a huge marquee and the noise from the creaking and groaning marquee when the wind hit it was worrying at times. We were expecting to end up like Dorothy and Toto and be whisked off to Kansas or wherever she was whisked off to however Ruth said all would be well as her boots had red soles (well they were more pink than red!) so we would be ale to get back home again LOL

    Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day. Ours was back in March 🙂
    Lynn xx

  2. Poor Ariel 😦 I bet she will have a tender nose for quite a while. It is a good thing you have a doctor you trust to get that little nose back in proper position. Poor little sweetie…she probably has a couple of shiners as well.

    Glad you guys got your shower fixed and back into working order….just in time for the wind to come banging and howling :/ I hope the bad weather is about over with for quite a while.

    Hopefully, as summer arrives, all of you will have a bit of breathing room and time to get over the various traumas from this school year. Seems that you all could certainly use some good luck and good things for a change.

    Love you – Leslie

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