School is in session

Hello everyone !!

School is in session and everyone but Levi started  today including Melissa, Levi starts on Wednesday so I have a bit of free time just having him today. We have had a pretty busy summer so I haven’t posted here in quite awhile but hope to post regularly now that I will have a few hours in the afternoons while Levi is at pre school . I got a new tripod and cant wait to try it out. I have been very lazy on checking my email and have gone weeks without even looking at it so I’ve been getting caught up on it today while Levi is doing some puzzles and playing with his lego blocks. It is super quiet around here 🙂  Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web.

Love and hugs,




One thought on “School is in session

  1. The first thing you HAVE to do on the morning that all the kids have left for school is 1: Get a cup of your favorite hot drink and totally enjoy it and the quiet. 2: When you have to make a trip to the bathroom, rejoice in the fact that there will be NO ONE wanting in there nor just needing to talk to you. 3: Hop and dance around like a crazy woman, running through the house freely. No little kids around to stumble over or run into. 4: Savor each moment of uninterrupted chore duty. Get a load of laundry loaded without having to quell a flurry of questions or a sibling spat. Do dishes and finish with an empty sink, finally!

    Enjoy your time alone. The next day you can consider doing something meaningful 😀

    Love you my friend – Leslie

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