Hey it’s ME !!! I’m back finally

Hello friends  🙂

It’s been a long time since I posted last and wow things have changed here on wordpress my dashboard looks completely different so bear with me as I get reacquainted to my blog.

We are on our 2nd day with the kiddos home from school due to the artic cold. They are all sad since we just started back on Monday the 5th and they only got to go 2 days. We may be out tomorrow too with continued below zero temps through Saturday. This is how it happened last January so maybe it’s the new weather pattern.

So I have taken a lead from Leslie’s Blog and started to sort through all my paper scraps and have made a small dint in the mound. I knew I had quite a bit but am really surprising myself with how much there really is. I have it stashed away in so many places. With that being said I am taking photos and am trying to capture this project to share with you.

I will sign off for now Will needs a ride to work

Love and hugs to you all,


2 thoughts on “Hey it’s ME !!! I’m back finally

  1. Shelly, I know it has been cold but more so in your part of the world. The lowest temps here in Oklahoma have been in the 20’s. You and the rest of the northern part of the US have all been in the minus temps. Not fit for man nor beast. Brr brr brr brr. :/

    When I started on that scrap paper project a few years back I thought it would never end. I kept finding more places where I had paper scraps. Before long I was muttering to myself “What the HECK was I thinking?!”

    I’m looking forward to seeing your paper. I bet you have some totally awesome and beautiful paper to create with…..when you get your stash sort of handled. Aye, yiy, yiy. You are going to hate me before long. :/

    Love you – Stay warm – Leslie

  2. Hello Leslie 🙂
    Sorry for the long delay in responding I have been working on the scraps project every spare moment I can get. The kids are back to school and we are having a heat wave of 30 degrees lol. Seriously it is a major difference. I had the weekend off from babysitting and have come to a stopping point for now with the scraps. I organized and have free desk space so I can do a bit of creating not sure if it’s going to be junque journal, mixed media journal, card making or upcycling some recycling saves from the bin. I made some homemade stamp cleaner and some dye based stamp refresher to see if I can try to moisten up some older stamp pads which I love 🙂 I also made a gelli plate to try my hand at. I got most of my recipes from Lindsay the Frugal crafter.

    I’m off to see my small man Levi who just came in.
    Much Love,

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