More snow on the way and a nasty flu bug kicked my butt

Hello friends
Just gearing up for the impending snow we’re to get tonight and tomorrow.
The kids had been taking turns being sick for several weeks and finally this week had been able to go back to school. While I awoke last Sunday morning with the sore throat which turned out badly by yesterday I went to the walk in clinic with a combination of what the kids had all except pink eye. I have a nasty respiratory infections and ear infections. The antibiotics and cough syrup are helping and I feel a bit better today. I was able to create Brian a valentine’s day card but that’s about all there was time for in the crafting corner. I hope you are all well and I have been thinking of you. Take care my friends.

Much love to you all,


Not much crafting going on but my space is lookin good :)

Hello Friends 🙂
Been quite busy lately with sick kiddos. I’m not complaining because this all that’s happened this winter and not continual like some past winters. Some have strep throat, while others have the vomiting and diarrhea, while some have pink eye with ear infections and yet the other one has had asthma issues. We have had several home every day this week so far so I am thankful that we have a three-day weekend coming up and we can recuperate and hopefully have everyone back to school next week. My Dad was in the hospital because he was on too much blood pressure medicine and it was dropping his pressure very low making him dizzy and almost blacking out. The Doctors got him all changed around with the right meds and amounts and he is feeling so much better. He has an appointment with the spine specialist in Champaign-Urbana on the 25th to see what can be done for his ruptured and herniated disks.
On a different note the weather here is crazy we had snow last week then temps in the 60’s wish it would make up its mind lol 🙂 I did get to do a page about a week ago for one of my journals and really like how it all turned out. My sweet hubby has been going through all is ephemera and has given me a fair amount of goodies which I need to put in the proper places and not laying on my desk. I am hoping to get my Valentine’s cards done in the next couple days so I can give them out, silly me I didn’t factor in my clan catching the crud. Maybe I’ll get some done tonight I can always put on a movie for the kids That’s a thought I’ll have to get back with you and let you know 🙂
Hope you are all well and getting some fun crafting time.
Big hugs and much love to you all,