The flu 1…. Brian 0… my hunny is down for the count

Hello Friends 🙂
Hope you are all well with your health and weather. As I post here we are getting some snow yes you heard right snow 🙂 Today is early dismissal and the beginning of Spring break for our schools. I am happy for Brian because it will give him time to get back on his feet this flu has bowled him over, it’s been a long time since he’s been this sick. the kids will be disappointed if it stays colder they were hoping for some of the high 60’s mid 70’s temps we’ve had. No problem I’m sure we will have an enjoyable break anyway. My craft dreams pushed to the side this last week to let my man have his rest away from the brood in our bedroom/my crafty corner. So how have you all been ? Leslie how is the new job going ? How is Joe as he travels from here and there ? Was the bad weather outbreak close to you ? How are the twins ? getting big I’m sure. Lynn how are you and Rod? Are your gardens is bloom yet ? How are your grand children? Like I said the other day we are well around here except for the bugs being passed around but I am hoping that over break we can put a stop to them. We are thinking of moving this year to a house instead of our mobile home. This place has served us well but we are thinking a change may be in order. Kinda exciting we’ve been here almost 20 years and that’s longer than either Brian or I have lived in the same place our entire lives , both our families moved a lot when we were kids and we followed suit in our early married life. So I say bring the adventure on 🙂 Don’t know how long it will take to find a place but that should be half the fun right lol.
Well gotta run some errands hope to hear from you soon

Love and hugs ‘


Yipee !! It’s not her appendix

Howdy Friends 🙂
Well crazyville is where I live 🙂 lol
Our area here in Illinois has been hit hard several respiratory bugs, stomach/ intestinal bugs and pink eye of which we have had them all 🙂 they just keep getting passed back and forth. This past week Jasmine was having symptoms of something different I thought appendicitis so off the emergency room we head. After 2 ct scans one with and one without contrast there was still no clear image of her appendix. She was in terrible pain but didn’t have a fever no vomiting and no diarrhea. All of her lab work came back normal no elevation in her white cell count. The images of her kidneys, bladder, intestines and ovaries were all normal. So we were admitted to the hospital to watch and be ready for what ever was next. Well…… nothing did just the pain which comes and goes. What the Dr. thinks is going on is that the lymph nodes in that area inflamed so we got to come home Thursday and she is feeling better. I am grateful to all the hospital staff who took great care of her while we were there. We are still fighting the stomach thing and some are still coughing like crazy but the weather has been warmer so I have opened the windows and aired the house out and wiped down door handles and faucets and whatever else I can. We have this week of school then we have a week off for spring break so I hope we can get over all this and be done with it all. I really cant complain we have been well around here until this stuff showed up. Many changes in our lives this year. Heather has her own apartment and has several promising job interviews so we believe she will have a job here real soon. She and the boys are doing very well in their new home. Aiden the newest addition has some issues with refluxing and the Dr. has had her to add some rice cereal to his formula and the throwing up has almost quit completely. He is such a sweet little guy he is always smiling and cooing and he is getting his two bottom teeth and he’s just 3 1/2 months old. Jordan and Melissa have moved into their new house and may move again into a larger house that has a small cottage on the property with the hopes of Melissa’s Dad George and Will rooming together since they are both single. Jordan wants to help Will since he is really nowhere close to being ready to live on his own but this can really be a way to give Will his independence and still give him the help he needs to adjust to adulthood. Melissa also changed jobs this month she began working at the Veterans hospital and they are working around her schooling with the option of a job once she completes her degree a win-win situation for her and the college is right next to the hospital so commuting has been cut to nothing. We are on our last few months of the school year and Will and Ariel both graduate in May. Will from high school and Ariel from Middle school. Our oldest Jereme was promoted to front line cooking area at his Job and is doing very well so all is going well with my family. My dad goes in on April 14 to have his back surgery to repair some bulging and ruptured discs along with some torn discs. I am hoping this is the last thing he will have to do so he can be back to his perky self. He has suffered for many years and his Dr. comes highly recommended along with the other s at the spine clinic in Urbana. So there you have it blow by blow of the recent happenings in my humble life. I am so grateful for family and I love each one of them so very much. I love you too my friends I hope you are all faring well in the happenings of your lives.

Much love and many big hugs to each of you,
p.s. While the big kids are at school tomorrow I have a hot crafting date with my little crafting partner I don’t know what we will get done but it is gonna be a load of fun !!