The flu 1…. Brian 0… my hunny is down for the count

Hello Friends 🙂
Hope you are all well with your health and weather. As I post here we are getting some snow yes you heard right snow 🙂 Today is early dismissal and the beginning of Spring break for our schools. I am happy for Brian because it will give him time to get back on his feet this flu has bowled him over, it’s been a long time since he’s been this sick. the kids will be disappointed if it stays colder they were hoping for some of the high 60’s mid 70’s temps we’ve had. No problem I’m sure we will have an enjoyable break anyway. My craft dreams pushed to the side this last week to let my man have his rest away from the brood in our bedroom/my crafty corner. So how have you all been ? Leslie how is the new job going ? How is Joe as he travels from here and there ? Was the bad weather outbreak close to you ? How are the twins ? getting big I’m sure. Lynn how are you and Rod? Are your gardens is bloom yet ? How are your grand children? Like I said the other day we are well around here except for the bugs being passed around but I am hoping that over break we can put a stop to them. We are thinking of moving this year to a house instead of our mobile home. This place has served us well but we are thinking a change may be in order. Kinda exciting we’ve been here almost 20 years and that’s longer than either Brian or I have lived in the same place our entire lives , both our families moved a lot when we were kids and we followed suit in our early married life. So I say bring the adventure on 🙂 Don’t know how long it will take to find a place but that should be half the fun right lol.
Well gotta run some errands hope to hear from you soon

Love and hugs ‘


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