Back to school soon

Hello Friends
We are getting ready for the new school year to start on the 24th. Wow the summer has just flown by. Soon I will be home alone with many crafting ideas swimming around in my brain. I am in the process of getting a new planner set up I haven’t decided if I want a larger one than I have been using. I am also painting a paper machete rooster for Melissa’s kitchen. I still have a great mess in my crafty corner so it takes me a few minutes to get my stuff shifted so I can work in my space but that’s ok. I have this problem with getting more crafty stuff even though I don’t have room for it. 🙂 While Brian gives me a hard time about it he is still an enabler and brings goodies home to me. Oh how I love that man of mine. Well I’m off here to get ready for Zach and Aiden to get here we are keeping them over night and Sierra and Levi will be here at 7 in the morning. Wish me well Brian will gone all day tomorrow at a leadership conference so I’ll be solo with all the kiddos.
Take care Friends.
Love and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Back to school soon

  1. Hello Shelly! I think I can claim the prize of being the “World’s WORST Friend”.

    Things have changed in your household. I can’t believe all those little ones are now old enough to be away during the day at school. Will has probably graduated from High School…..Jasmine and Ariel are not far behind. Your little crafting buddy, Levi, will be away at school, too.

    I hope you post some pictures of the paper mache rooster you are working on when it is finished!

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Hey there Leslie 🙂
    You have been a very busy woman so no need to feel bad about that. I am off to watch your youtube video when I’m done here. Things have indeed changed around here Will has graduated and is working a lot and he will still be here with us for awhile and that’s ok, which means my taking over his room will have to wait. Ariel starts the High school this year and Jasmine is in 8th grade. They are starting to look like young ladies and we have the hormone wars around here now….not fun some days. Sierra is in 2nd grade and my crafty partner will be in kindergarten….. whew time flies. We still have Zachary and Aiden but I’m not going to commit myself to being the full time child care which makes me feel like a heel but I really feel like it’s time for Brian and I to have some time do the things we’ve dreamed of doing when the kids got older. My day yesterday was chaos to put if in milder terms 🙂 Wow Aiden is 8 months old and crawling everywhere with amazing speed lol Zachary is 2 and in the midst of the No and Mine stage so sharing is a bit tough on him. They are both little cuties and good little fellows. I will share my rooster as I progress.
    I am off to watch your video, Talk to you later my “Good Friend”

    Love and Hugs,

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