I will be getting my laptop back soon :) and a quick check in

I have high hopes of getting my computer back sometime this weekend. I have been in my room creating Valentine’s cards and crafting with the kids which are taking turns being home sick. I havent gotten a day alone it seems since Thanksgiving. We’ve had ingrown toenail surgery with Jasmine and she is getting relief but her toes are still quite sore (don’t help that they get stepped on at school and home by the other kids accidentally). Levi is on round 3 or 4 of strep throat and Sierra and Aiden have had terrible ear infections. Ariel has been fighting sinus infections. Brian and Will had Bronchitis and I have been getting over pneumonia which has kicked my butt since January 1st. I’m not complaining just saying whats been happening around here. With a brood this size we are bound to have the crud this time of year. I am hoping we all get it so we can have the rest of the year free and clear.( delusional thinking I know but a Girl can wish can’t she lol) I am enjoying my room and have spent many evenings in there even if I’m not crafting. It’s a peaceful place to gather my thoughts and write down my hope to do list. Leslie I have been trying to follow your posts and videos but my phone don’t always cooperate with me and I cannot post comments from it no matter what I do. I have 2000+ emails sitting in my inbox so I imagine they will take me a bit to weed through when I get the regular opportunity to spend on them. I have been thinking of the best way to set up my tripod, I seem to have pretty good lighting in the daytime with my window so we will have to see how it all works out. I hope this finds you all well, safe and warm.
Big hugs from me to you ((( you )))