Blog art not as easy as I thought

Hello Friends !!
Seems adding my blog art to my blog header is not as easy as I had first thought. I am currently getting my files transferred from old computer to the new one which I should have done already. I am keeping the old one for the girls to use for school stuff ect this way I can keep an eye on what they are on you know a Mom can’t be to protective when it comes to her babies 🙂 We ae nearing the end of the school year only about 5 weeks left. This will be the last school year watching the grand babies, Melissa will be finished with her schooling and next year she will work from home which has been her goal. Bittersweet but it will all be good. We are still thinking about the house just a big step to take and we want to be sure it is the right thing for us, I really want it but my Hunny is the financial advisor and I know he will weigh all the pros and cons and we will make our decision then. A plus is we would be close to Jordan and Melissa and the kiddies 🙂 Jereme has expressed interest in wanting to put down some permanent roots and closer to us is a maybe so that would all be nice he has lives away from us since he left for college in 2000 plus Amanda his girlfriend seems like she’d fit right into this crazy family lol.
We lost Brian’s younger brother Brett the 13th of march he was a year younger than Brian and I and it’s been pretty rough for the family. He leaves behind 3 children and a grand-daughter which was the apple of his eye. He was a wonderful person and he is missed very much. Brian’s Mom Carol is holding up well I know it’s been so hard for her losing 2 of her sons in the past couple of years. I love her to pieces she has always loved me like one of her own girls and I worry about her.
My Dad had cataract surgery on both of his eyes and he doesn’t have to wear his glasses any more I told him he was going to be like steve Austin the Bionic man lol So that’s a little bit of whats been happening in my world. Take care my friends.
Love and hugs,


Video of my craft room

Hello friends !!
Today Sierra and I have a video of my craft room and some art we made today. My assistant has been home with am ear infection and we were able to get into the crafty corner and do some playing. We have been working on a blog sign. She made one and so did I. I will be using them in all of my future posts and maybe on my YouTube page as well. I think that Levi will need to have a chance to make sign also as he has long been my crafting partner. Please excuse my rambling we were in a hurry to get this post up before the others come home from school. I will have to work some more on the lighting issues so I am sorry about the glare from the window. We will bid you all farewell for now and talk to you all again later.
Big hugs from us to you
Shelly and Sierra