What’s been going on in my world……..

Hello friends 🙂
Thought I’d pop on and give a bit of an update on why I’ve not been posting on here. Will has been on a mission to make sure we experience all that parents can and it’s not been pleasant.
We have been struggling with the school to have Ariel tested for learning disabilities since she barely made passing grades to get her credits. We have been working on this since she was in grade school and finally the last week of school they finally said indeed she has problems and beginning the next school year she will have some modified classes, Guess it’s better late than never.
Jasmine has been breaking in hives for a long while so we need to see an allergists for some testing since we can’t get any ideas on what can be causing it.
I have been having some health issues since January with my lungs and have been getting various tests trying to figure out what’s going on it’s not cancer just some spots in the left lung. I had a hospital stay they were thinking I was having a heart attack but all tests came back good so they think maybe something to do with my hiatal hernia and esophagus ??? I don’t know it’s all been one thing after another and I’m just ready to get it all figured out it’s so tiring.
Yesterday Levi had is tonsils and adenoids taken out and a piece of his uvula snipped off. He was a brave little trooper and did well. Had us a bit worried he didn’t stay awake much yesterday but was more alert today.
This post is not a feel sorry for me one just a peek into what’s been going on. On a bright note Heather and the boys are doing well she got a new job last week and is settled into her little house and starts school in the fall to be a medical assistant. Jordan and Melissa are great and Melissa graduated with high honors a few weeks ago and will start her new job working from home this coming school year. Sierra, Levi and Jasmine all passed with straight A’s which makes us all so proud. Jereme’s band had a its first performance last week and it was successful. My hunny is ramping up his summer job he is such a fine Husband, Father and Pampy as the kiddies call him I appreciate him so very much.
Melissa and I are joining a hula hooping fitness class which is pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to it I think we will have a lot of fun. We have surprised ourselves that we can actually do it, not all fancy but we are going to give it our best efforts 🙂
So there is much to be to be grateful for. I sincerely hope each one of you are doing well I know you all have your own ups and downs just as we do around here. I appreciate each of you and thank you for your friendship.
Take care . Big hugs and lots of love,
P.S. I’m still loving my crafty corner 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s been going on in my world……..

  1. Well…..I’m sorry to learn that you, the matriarch of your brood, had to be hospitalized. That had to have been a trial for you, not to mention your loving family. Poor little Levi. He will be uncomfortable for a week, and all the admonishments in the world to not talk will go unheeded. LOL

    Great news about Jasmine, Sierra, and Levi getting the good grades this year in school. Poor Ariel, she has struggled so much with all of her schools. It is a shame that it is only now they are stepping up to help her. I hope this coming school year will provide the much needed help and give Ariel a chance to take pride in herself instead of feeling beaten down all the time.

    Tell your Brian “Hello” from Joe and I. You guys all take care and enjoy your summer. Here’s hoping that Will and his troublesome ways will sort themselves out where he can be in a better place in his young life.

    Love you my friend, and thanks for the update in your life. Hope you get to spend more time in your crafty space.


    • Thank you Leslie 🙂 The hospital stay was crazy for all involved but the older kids stepped you to help out with the younger ones so it all worked out. Talked to Melissa this morning and Levi was awake til 3;00 a.m. good thing I let her nap yesterday lol.
      We are hoping for Ariel to have a much better experience next year those high school years are so important where self esteem can be built up or torn down. She seems happy to get a fresh start next year. I will pass along your greetings to Brian He took the kids to Church this Morning then to Family fun days at our summer church camp. As for Will he is sowing his wild oats as they say and experiencing the fact that he can make his own choices and we can’t tell him he can’t. Trouble is he is still lacking the maturity to think through his choices and some have turned out not so well for him. Oh to be young and know everything. ha ha..
      The crafty space is my happy zone and I am indeed enjoying it. I should stop being so lazy and film some of what I’m doing , getting the camera and lighting business is what seems so daunting I will have to make that a project to shoot for.
      You and Joe take care of yourselves a enjoy your few days at home. Be safe out on the road.
      Love and hugs to you both,

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