I think I finally have this figured out…… I hope anyway :)

Hello bloggy Friends 🙂
I spent a fair amount of time last night on these pictures and think I at least have the downsizing all figured out and now that I have it is so simple that I’m asking myself why it seemed so hard to get figured out ( smacks forehead and says DUH!! ) Now onto the uploads to wordpress which seemed easier than it was before and I have them on here. The real accomplishment will be if I can get them into the post….. So we will see. I will give you a bit of info in case they’re all jumbled up like I did before. OK here goes…. There is a shot of my messy desk and craft closet that for the time being is going to stay a mess because kiddies crafts require a lot of the stuff that’s cluttering my space. Levi and I had a grand time yesterday making his snowmen ornaments we just need to put an eyelet in the hats for the ribbon to hang them on the trees. (making gifts for family members) I am also sharing a couple of photos of my Christmas cactus that was my Moms and it is getting ready to bloom I’ve never had one bloom I always seem to kill them. This makes me smile kinda like her letting me know I’ll be ok, sounds silly but makes me feel better. Now for the rest of the photos some are from my junque journal and some are from the mixed media art journal I started this fall. The mixed media gives me a chance to use all those things I was sure I needed abut have yet to use. Anyone else have this problem ? :)  It gives me a place to try out new ideas and techniques and see if I like them or not plus a place to keep record of what I’ve learned. There will also be a couple of photos of the case I made for my tablet It has a real 1980′s feel to it. If you have any questions about something you see let me know and I’ll explain what I’ve done.
Hope you are all well and getting some crafting into your day much to happen here with my smallish peeps we have crafts to finish up so there will be more photos to come.
Love and hugs,