Still snowing but we did have school :)

Hi there again Ladies  🙂

We have gotten the snow just not like they said we would it started early this morning and is still snowing but he kids had school and they are expecting to cancel tomorrow due to sub-zero temperatures with the wind chills. I can’t remember having this many snow days in all the time we’ve been in this school district and that’s been 15 years. Will is feeling terrible today and that is expected as the rest of us took about a week to feel better. I do feel good since I am getting a bit of computer time today while it’s still light outside  WOO HOO  🙂    I am off to check out you tube and the other blogs.

try to post again tonight

Love and hugs,



5 thoughts on “Still snowing but we did have school :)

  1. You must be about ready for Spring by now with all the snow you’ve been having. The kids are going to be getting out for Summer break a lot later than usual because of all the snow days you’ve had.

    You were able to get computer time in the DAYLIGHT HOURS?! I’ll Woo Hoo right along with you. Happy hunting 🙂
    Love you – Leslie

    • Hi Leslie
      I am so ready for spring but withthe crazy weather we’ve been having I can only imagine what spring will be like if this pattern continues. Being in a mobile home and tornado season as you know is a very scary spot. especially for me since a few years ago we had something they never really called it a tornado but we had gone down to a dip by the river to wait out the storm since we had no where else to go and the trees were bending over some almost to the grownd I was shaking so hard and praying the van was rocking back and forth Quite frightening.When we came back into town it was very torn up. So now we have a weather radio and when the storms get close we flee our home on wheels early. On the kids getting out of school late there is talk of that although we usually get out before most around us so maybe this year we will get out with the rest. Daylight computer time Woo HOO !! The kids are visiting other grand parents this weekend so maybe the crafting will be here 🙂 I kinds feel like I’m missing something without the small ones climbing all over me 🙂 Levi will have an appointment on Monday to see if they can still do his tubes on tuesday, so maybe it will still be all set to go .I hope so for his sake. Take care I’m off to post to :Lynn and check out your blogs.

      Love to you,

  2. Did the children have a day at home today? I sure don’t envy you the snow and cold! We have had frosty nights for the last three or four nights and it hasn’t thawed during the day either so the frost has bitten in well but it is supposed to go milder again. I have snowdrops just starting to show their little white buds. I always think it is heartwarming to see the early spring flowers and we always hope that winter is behind us 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn
      The kids got to go to school even though it was 20 below zero with the wind chills. Crazy since we had it cancelled once this year when it was 5 below.Guess we have had so many snow days they are being more thoughtful so we can get out on time. Will is still home sick so the girls had to get the bus by themselves and it was late because a boy decided to lick the bus window and his tongue got stuck to the window.The driver had to leave him til they made it to school to get hot water to thaw his tongue loose. which made her have to drive more carefully as not to rip his tongue away with a jerk or sharp move. Brian said as soon as he heard he thought for sure it was one of ours 🙂 How much longer do you have before spring usually happens where you live ? We usually start in April or May although last year we were still having very cold weather in May. I just want to sickness to flee from us and I dont care now if it is warm or cold. but I like the warm weather better than what we are having now 🙂

      Much love,

      • There is always one child isn’t there?? 🙂 I bet he won’t do that again! Hope it wasn’t one of yours.
        I shall keep fingers crossed that Levi can get his operation on Tuesday and that he soon will be feeling the benefit.

        Our spring weather usually appears around March although before now we have had bad weather right through until mid April. In fact one year spring arrived in March and was warm bringing all the flowers out including the beautiful bluebells in the woods in April and then towards the end of April we had several feet of snow that lasted 3 or 4 days. It looked weird seeing leaves on trees starting to unfurl, birds had begun nesting and the blue bells nodding their heads over the snow! March can be quite a windy month for us though but we can also have a sudden hot spell where people are out and about in t shirts and shorts. A very iffy month. April can be a warm but showery month and then May is supposed to be early summer and warming up but that month can also be unpredictable with cold biting winds and late frosts that ruin the fruit flowers. But then that is what happens when you live on a temperate island – unpredictable weather can happen quickly.
        Let us hope for a lovely balmy spring and it can’t start soon enough and then go into a good long not too hot summer! Not muc to hope for is it???/

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

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